Actor portraits

Actor headshots and portfolios

Zuzana Breznanikova is a London portrait photographer specialising in actor portraiture. She often gets commissioned to shoot not only actor headshots but more versatile actor portfolios showing casting types of actors. Actor portraits which show your personality and are tailored to a specific audition can help you increase your chances of getting that audition / role cast. Her portraiture work is popular with actors and top agents in London and US. Check out sample actor portfolio below. 

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Actor and model Craig McGinlay (King Arthur, 2016)

Black and white actor headshot of Craig around the time when he was filming Guy Ritchie's latest movie Knights of the Round Table: King Arthur. A former rugby player, model and rising star as an actor, Craig is represented by Storm Special Bookings and Independent Talent Agency. He starred alongside celebrities like David Beckham and Jude Law. 

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