Photographer’s Life - 10 Things about me

As a portrait photographer, I tend to be more interested in other people and not share much about me. I am most comfortable being behind the camera. Finally I decided to share a bit about me.

Photographer Zuzana Breznanikova - 10 Things about me

1. I am originally from Slovakia - grew up in a small town surrounded by the mountains. I was lucky enough to be able to ski almost every weekend. I love London but miss the mountains and skiing so often.  

2. My dad introduced me to photography. He gave me my first camera and taught me how to develop photos in the dark room. I don’t really miss the dark room days. I love the flexibility that digital photography gives me as a photographer - can now take as many pictures as I like without having to worry about having to develop them. 

3. I started doing photography when I was 14. You know you find your passion if you get so lost in the moment that you forget the time - over two decades later I am still as passionate about it if not more. I get in the flow and to me it does’t feel like a job but a hobby. I am a creative person and enjoy getting to know people and portrait photography is a perfect fit for me.

4. I have also a psychology background which helps my portraiture; in getting to know people. In portrait photography it is all about the person you photograph and getting the best out of them. The technical side of photography is not actually that hard nowadays. It is more about having the eye I think and feel for it more than anything. I speak a number of languages including French which I find helpful as a lot of my clients are French.  

5. I have not followed the traditional route as a photographer and have never assisted a photographer. It is what helped me to develop my own photography style including the lighting. 

6. I like to be involved in all aspects of photoshoot production and don’t need 6 assistants or an army of people around me. I often do makeup myself (am trained also) and always edit my own photos as I consider it being part of the creative process and enjoy it. When I finish a shoot I just can’t wait to edit the shoot. Sometimes I shoot all day and do the post-production straight after. 

Below are just some of the very recent shoots that I produced by myself - photography, art direction, styling, makeup, hair and post-production. I love to be involved in all parts of the creative process (whenever possible). However working with the right creatives can also be fun.

Shoot with Skye Quinn which I did by myself - photography, styling, makeup, hair and post-production

Lizaveta by me - photography, makeup, hair, styling and editing

7. I am a huge fan of natural photography and makeup and love freckles! Models don’t need a lot of makeup - any unwanted little blemishes can be easily retouched. I normally always do the men’s makeup as I know what works best with my lighting and want to make sure I get the real skin texture in my photos. 

8. I don’t like having too many people on the set. Why? It sounds like fun bossing lots of people around? I get many offers from assistants but I find it distracting for the subject which is the most important for me. I find that in portraiture people feel more comfortable and more themselves when there are not too many people watching especially with private clients; plus in some cultures female photographers are preferred to photograph women and often on those shoots I can’t bring a male assistant with me. 

9. My work ethic is relentless. I do often find myself working until around 1am - like now. Although I shoot fast and on average my shoots lasts only three hours each there is a lot of post-production and running of my business takes a lot of my time. I am lucky to have a husband who is supportive of my career and has a similar work ethic to me. I do try to balance my hectic work schedule with some yoga, running, meditation and working out in the gym when I can.    

10. If I won a big lottery would I still want to work as a portrait and fashion photographer and do as long hours as I do now? Absolutely. I am very passionate about photography and it is what I want to do until I am able to. Even if I am 90 - although at that age I might consider doing what many celebrity photographers do nowadays with a help of assistant just pressing a button - just kidding! 

You can check out my fashion photography and portraiture portfolio or follow me on Instagram

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