Zuzana Breznanikova


Enchanted Journeys - now available for an auction on FND foundation.app/@breznanikova/enj/1

Collection story: This project is the culmination of over one year of work inspired by my travels and fashion. "Enchanted Journeys: Women's Fashion and the Stories of the World's Most Enchanting Places" is a stunning art collection that celebrates the beauty of women in diverse countries around the world. Inspired by the artist's nomad lifestyle, traveling and discovering new and beautiful places, this collection takes viewers on a fantastical journey through some of the most enchanting places on Earth. The fashion featured in this collection is equally stunning.

Recently minted Featured Calendar Drop on OpenSea - WILD FLOWERS (now on the secondary)


Wild Flowers

WILD FLOWERS is a diptych comprising of 2 artworks in one GIF NFT (Wild Flowers and Bloom) - minted as open edition of one artwork in a GIF format.

It is inspired by symbiosis between humans and nature. Breznanikova aims to capture in a harmonious manner beautiful contrast of 'white' and 'black' skin to celebrate and embrace human diversity. 

Breznanikova is a Vogue published photographer / image maker known for her unique aesthetics and the cinematic feel to her photography. Her credits include HarrodsD&GPradaSki DiorMonclerRolls Royce and Armani. She had a sought-after photography studio in London and was a regular contributor to Art + Commerce / Vogue Italia photography collection. As a photographer she has been commissioned to photograph with Harrods and for some of the most high profile individuals in the world, including royalty.

Zuzana Breznanikova is a multi-disciplinary artist with a background in photography that spans over two decades. 

Breznanikova has had a meteoric rise to become one of the top ranking independent artists on the largest NFT marketplace OpenSea in the summer of 2021. Her artwork has been displayed in art galleries / exhibitions and on the main billboard of New York Times Square. Her art has been collected by more than 350 collectors worldwide. The artist's style is a unique fusion of classic high art and modern technology, resulting in an intricate and vibrant world that is inspired by the rich culture of Japan, fashion and the beauty of nature. She also published her artwork on more exclusive curated art platforms Nifty GatewayMakersPlace and KnownOrigin on Ethereum blockchain and more recently doing new drops such as Fluid Essence (abstract) on own ERC721 contract which are available for offers on a platform of collector's choosing. Also accepting 1/1 commissions with private online gallery viewings with established 1/1 collectors.


Twitter: @breznanikova

IG: @breznanikova.photography 

"Whispering Petals"  now open to offers on FND foundation.app/@breznanikova/zuzana/2 or on OS (OpenSea)

Accepting 1/1 commissions with personalised private online art gallery viewings. Available to established 1/1 art collectors. Email

"Azure Blooms" - Listed on FND for an auction (the reserve set for 0.45 ETH) foundation.app/@breznanikova/zuzana/3 - once the reserve is met 24 hour auction starts

"Renaissance Reverie" - open to offers on FND foundation.app/@breznanikova/zuzana/1 or on OpenSea here

Zuzana Breznanikova Art Featured Collection on OpenSea - OG collection

Breznanikova's featured and verified art collection the largest NFT marketplace OpenSea with 400 ETH volume mainly in secondary sales. Over 300 collectors / owners worldwide

Official collection link:


"Cosmic Florals" minting now

Cosmic Florals

Introducing Cosmic Florals inspired artwork of an Asian girl standing amidst a psychedelic bloom, surrounded by a mesmerizing display of colors and patterns that seem to defy the laws of reality. 

The artwork aims to capture a sense of cosmic interconnectedness, reminding us of the profound beauty and mystery that lies both within and beyond our reach. "Cosmic Florals" invites the viewer to explore the boundaries of the imagination and tap into a realm of infinite possibilities.

Available to mint via Manifold on own contract here: app.manifold.xyz/c/cosmicflorals

AKIRA anime inspired collection 

AKIRA is upcoming collection - tokens are released slowly one at the time  as editions to allow collectors to mint the artwork they like as art subjective. 

AKIRA 1 - Mint live via Manifold claim app.manifold.xyz/c/akira1

AKIRA 2 - early access now live (Diamond collectors & Poetry Composers) app.manifold.xyz/c/akira2

Poetry in Women

A mixed media art collection - mixed media collection. Poetry in Women is a present day manifestation of NFT culture and language in a mixed media format. Art collectibles collection celebrating women 

Disclaimer: You own your NFT: by connecting your Ethereum wallet and minting a NFT with our smart contract, you gain a full and complete ownership of your NFT. Personal print rights for your home and office and as a gift for the loved ones are included. As each NFT is unique art no derivatives are allowed to protect artists integrity and copyright. 

NFTs serve exclusively as non-fungible tokens for you to collect / own. They are not intended for any investment purposes. Collectors become part of Breznanikova's artistic journey. The artist makes no promise or guarantee that these NFTs will hold any particular value once minted. 

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