Zuzana Breznanikova


"Whispering Petals"  listed for an auction via Manifold gallery with reserve at 1 ETH.  24 hour auction starts once the first bid is received. gallery.manifold.xyz/petals

Accepting 1/1 commissions with personalised private online art gallery viewings. Available to established 1/1 art collectors. Email

Breznanikova is a Vogue published photographer / image maker known for her unique aesthetics and the cinematic feel to her photography. Her credits include HarrodsD&GPradaSki DiorMonclerRolls Royce and Armani. She had a sought-after photography studio in London and was a regular contributor to Art + Commerce / Vogue Italia photography collection. As a photographer she has been commissioned to photograph with Harrods and for some of the most high profile individuals in the world, including royalty.

Zuzana Breznanikova is a multi-disciplinary artist with a background in photography that spans over two decades. 

Breznanikova has had a meteoric rise to become one of the top ranking independent artists on the largest NFT marketplace OpenSea in the summer of 2021. Her artwork has been displayed in art galleries / exhibitions and on the main billboard of New York Times Square. Her art has been collected by more than 500 collectors worldwide. The artist's style is a unique fusion of classic high art and modern technology, resulting in an intricate and vibrant world that is inspired by the rich culture of Japan, fashion and the beauty of nature. She also published her artwork on more exclusive curated art platforms Nifty GatewayMakersPlace and KnownOrigin on Ethereum blockchain and more recently doing new drops such as Fluid Essence (abstract) on own ERC721 contract which are available for offers on any platform of collector's choosing and also accepts. Also accepting 1/1 commissions with private online gallery viewings with established 1/1 collectors.


Twitter: @breznanikova

IG: @breznanikova.photography 

AKIRA anime inspired collection 

AKIRA is upcoming collection - tokens are released slowly one at the time  as editions to allow collectors to mint the artwork they like as art subjective. 

AKIRA 1 - Mint live via Manifold claim app.manifold.xyz/c/akira1

AKIRA 2 - early access now live (Diamond collectors & Poetry Composers) app.manifold.xyz/c/akira2

Foundation - FND

Eastern Bloom collection drop now live & got featured on Foundation homepage

As featured on Foundation homepage

"Eastern Bloom"

Available to mint now on Foundation:


"Two Hearts, One Soul"

"Two Hearts, One Soul" is a collection that explores the eternal and unbreakable bond between sisters. 

On Nifty Gateway // 

Fluid Essence

Embark on a captivating journey through the ethereal realms of organic abstractions with my collection, "Fluid Essence." Within this collection, the artworks transcend the boundaries of the tangible, guiding you through a world where flowing forms and enigmatic expressions intertwine harmoniously. Drawing inspiration from the enchanting forces of nature, each artwork in this collection encapsulates the fluidity of existence and invites contemplation of the interconnectedness of all things. 

Now the first 1/1 NFT is available for bidding on Foundation

1/1 Auctions - Reserve 1 ETH

"Renaissance Reverie" - Listed as 1/1 auction with 1 ETH reserve: gallery.manifold.xyz/reverie

"Azure Blooms" - Listed as 1/1 auction with 1 ETH reserve gallery.manifold.xyz/azure

Past Drop on Nifty Gateway - Bloom Odyssey

Bloom Odyssey

The "Bloom Odyssey" artwork is a strikingly futuristic portrait that captures the intricate beauty of blossoming petals in a vivid and colorful manner. At the center of the piece stands a young girl with porcelain skin, her hair adorned with a delicate blossom. Her features are delicate, almost otherworldly, and seem to belong to a creature of pure fantasy. 

The girl's portrait is framed by a rich tapestry of colour and intricate patterns. Blossoms and petals of every hue and shape bloom all around her, creating a world that is both ethereal and vibrant.

This stunning piece showcases a futuristic and colourful world, intricately designed with blossoming petals that evoke a sense of timeless beauty.

Now available on the secondary Nifty Gateway - Bloom Odyssey

Open Edition 

WILD FLOWERS - Upcoming Featured Calendar Drop on OpenSea (date TBC)

A diptych comprising of two digital edition artworks (Wild Flowers and Bloom). The first piece, 'Wild Flowers' is an Open Edition inspired by symbiosis between humans and nature. Breznanikova aims to capture in a harmonious manner beautiful contrast of 'white' and 'black' skin to celebrate and embrace human diversity.

Please note that the date of mint might be subject to change due to upcoming featured drop changes on OpenSea.

Zuzana Breznanikova Art Featured Collection on OpenSea - OG collection

Breznanikova's featured and verified art collection the largest NFT marketplace OpenSea with 400 ETH volume mainly in secondary sales. 

Official collection link:


Poetry in Women

A mixed media art collection - mixed media collection. Poetry in Women is a present day manifestation of NFT culture and language in a mixed media format. Art collectibles collection celebrating women 

BREZNANIKOVA Editions (Manifold)

This is new editions collection of artwork from Breznanikova from year 2023 onwards - currently at minting stage.

YUGEN drop now LIVE! 

Claim here

In Japan beauty is seen as an altered state of consciousness. The exact translation of of YUGEN in Japanese depends on the context: subtly profound grace, mysterious profundity or profound, mysterious beauty. It can imply a level of sadness

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