Zuzana Breznanikova

AKIRA anime inspired art collection 

Unleash the Power of Anime's Fiercest Femmes with this Cyber-Charged NFT Collection

Public mint for AKIRA #1 & 2 is now live! 

AKIRA #1 - minting live. Mint via Manifold claim page: https://app.manifold.xyz/c/akira1

Now a limited edition of 15!

  • First come first serve basis
  • Max. 2 mints per wallet 



Also a limited edition of 15!

  • First come first serve basis
  • Max. 2 mints per wallet 

Step into an extraordinary world of anime-inspired art with our mesmerizing digital collectibles art collection. Featuring fierce warrior princesses, powerful cyborgs, and fantasy anime characters, each carefully crafted to capture the beauty and power of the feminine in anime.

The Japanese anime / manga inspired digital collectibles collection showcases a mesmerizing world of powerful, beautiful, and fierce female replicants, cyborgs, warriors, and fantasy anime badass characters. Each character in the collection is carefully crafted to depict the power and beauty of the feminine in anime.

The collection takes the viewer on a futuristic and fantastical journey, where they encounter stunning characters that are inspired by the anime world. From cyborgs / replicants with special powers to warrior princesses with deadly weapons, the collection showcases a diverse range of anime-inspired characters, each with their unique story and abilities.

The NFT collection celebrates the strength and resilience of women in a world dominated by technology and machines. The female characters in the collection embody the ideals of empowerment, courage, and independence. They are a symbol of hope and inspiration, encouraging viewers to embrace their inner strength and rise above challenges.

The artwork of the collection is breathtaking, with vibrant colors, intricate details, and stunning visual effects. The warrior characters are brought to life with dynamic poses, making them feel like they are alive and ready for action.

In summary, the Japanese anime inspired NFT collection is a celebration of the power and beauty of women in anime. It is a futuristic and fantastical journey that takes the viewer on an unforgettable adventure, where they encounter some of the most mesmerizing female characters in the anime world.

The collection includes the world of female replicants and cyborgs, where beauty of the feminine meets the advanced technology and artificial intelligence that transcends biological limits. 

This NFT collection is a small and exclusive art collection for fans of Japanese anime and manga art. It is not a PFP project. AKIRA is anime inspired art collection with each piece individually and uniquely crafted with precision and care. The collection will be released one by one, as time-limited open editions, giving collectors the chance to own a unique piece of art. Absolute max. artwork supply in the collection is 222 but most likely won't be as many. 

The main utility of the collection is the art itself, as well as pre-sale access to upcoming pieces at special rates. There will be exclusive mint access to AKIRA holders to some of the most unique and sought-after pieces in the collection, adding more exclusivity to those NFTs. AKIRA holders will be granted exclusive pre-sale access to future collections or artworks by Breznanikova, at special rates. Holders will also have exclusive personal print rights for the pieces in their collection. 

Overall, this small and exclusive NFT / digital collectibles art collection celebrates the power and beauty of the feminine in anime. Whether you're a fan of anime art or a collector of NFTs, this collection is sure to captivate and inspire you. The pieces are designed to be treasured by collectors with AKIRA collector gated access of some of the more exclusive pieces later in the collection will ensure higher exclusivity of those tokens. 

This collection is a must-have for any serious anime art collector, featuring stunning artwork that is being unveiled one by one with pre-sale access. Unlike blind minting, the artist has chosen to release the artwork as art, allowing everyone to mint the pieces they love through Manifold (on custom contract: 0x2311d4544c0c42cbbcbe452da526f874d9ab158d). This approach guarantees that the artwork retains its subjective value and remains accessible to all, rather than being randomly distributed to collectors.

Experience a futuristic and fantastical journey like no other as you immerse yourself in this unique world, encountering stunning characters with their own unique stories and abilities. Celebrating the strength and resilience of women in a world dominated by technology and machines, these female characters embody empowerment, courage, and independence.

Don't miss out on the chance to own a piece of this incredible collection that celebrates the power and beauty of women in anime. Unlike some other digital collectibles where traits may be shared among hundreds of tokens / holders, every artwork in this collection is entirely unique and piece of art by itself.

Join us on this unforgettable adventure and discover some of the most mesmerizing anime-inspired female characters you've ever seen!

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