Zuzana Breznanikova

Breznanikova is a Vogue published photographer / multidisciplinary artist 


Breznanikova is a Vogue published photographer / image maker known for her unique aesthetics and the cinematic feel to her photography. Her credits include HarrodsD&GPradaSki DiorMonclerRolls Royce and Armani. She had a photography studio in London and was a regular contributor to Art + Commerce / Vogue Italia photography collection. As a photographer she has been commissioned to photograph with Harrods and for some of the most high profile individuals in the world, including royalty.

Zuzana Breznanikova is a multi-disciplinary artist with a background in photography that spans over two decades and social media presence (close to 70k followers on Instagram). Breznanikova has had a meteoric rise to become one of the top ranking independent artists on the largest NFT marketplace OpenSea in the summer of 2021. Her artwork has been displayed in art galleries / exhibitions and on the main billboard of New York Times Square. 

Art style 

The artist's style is a unique fusion of classic high art and modern technology, resulting in an intricate and vibrant world that is inspired by the rich culture of Japan and the beauty of nature. She pays homage to Japanese culture, the world of fantasy, and nature and is known for her signature faces. The artist's works are characterized by a symbiotic relationship of humans and nature / flowers.

She leverages the strengths of different media and art forms, blending them in innovative ways to create pieces that are both timeless and captivating. The artist has a distinct talent for blending the old with the new to create her signature art pieces; using photography, mixed media, digital painting with ProCreate, utilising and training Artificial Intelligence (AI) on her photography style / technique and desired aesthetics, digital 'genetic breeding' and even incorporating traditional physical art processes. Her approach to creating art is experimental and constantly evolving, often spending significant time on each piece and revisiting it to add new techniques or elements to achieve the desired mood or feel.

Her art style is a testament to her creative vision and willingness to push the boundaries of traditional art. By blending the old with the new and leveraging the strengths of different media and art forms she has created a distinct style that is both unique and timeless.

Accepting 1/1 commissions with personalised private online art gallery viewings. Available to established 1/1 art collectors. Email

Whispering Petals
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Azure Blooms
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Renaissance Reverie
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Fluid Essence

Embark on a captivating journey through the ethereal realms of organic abstractions with my collection, "Fluid Essence." Within this collection, the artworks transcend the boundaries of the tangible, guiding you through a world where flowing forms and enigmatic expressions intertwine harmoniously.

Drawing inspiration from the enchanting forces of nature, each artwork in this collection encapsulates the fluidity of existence and invites contemplation of the interconnectedness of all things.

Available to order as physical print or as NFT (available for bidding on Foundation) - personal print rights in any format or size included.

Accepting 1/1 commissions with personalised private online art gallery viewings. Available to established 1/1 art collectors. Email

Japanese culture influence

In her world the vibrant and intricate culture of Japan serves as a major source of inspiration. Breznanikova's love for Japanese culture, anime and manga has inspired a stunning upcoming collection AKIRA.

Many of her older artworks were born out of the strong emotions she felt when she sadly lost a few people close to her through cancer and a tragic accident. Although a highly emotional period in her life, through the creation of her artwork she was able to find catharsis.

"Life is short, fragile and does not wait for anyone. There will never be a perfect time to pursue your dreams and goals." 

It is this sentiment that was going through the artist's head when she was creating her artwork. In fact, this is the fire that burns within Zuzana & drives her to create and share art and support emerging artists.

The Story

This is a story of synthesis.

Bringing together disparate elements that have combined to create something greater than the sum of its parts. 

It begins with an inquisitive, somewhat introverted 13 year old receiving a camera from her father. This lit a fire within an ambitious child who had a unique gift to see the beauty in the mundane. Her apprenticeship started in the old school, spending hours learning how to develop photos in the darkroom. This instilled an appreciation for the craft and the dedication it takes to create something meaningful. 

Photography also sparked a curiosity into the inner workings of the human psyche. She loved to photograph people, but also wanted to go beyond the surface and gain a better understanding of her favourite subjects, and find out what makes us the way we are. Thus, she embarked on a higher education calling to study psychology (later also MSc in Business Psychology) in a foreign land, where she had no friends or family. By taking herself out of her comfort zone, she was able to develop her resilience and determination, eventually leading to her graduating top of her class despite English being her second language and while working for large American multinationals (later doing consulting work). 

Armed with more knowledge and experience, she continued to hone her craft as a creator and work on her business / photography studio in London. Her mum who is a successful serial entrepreneur back in Europe was a big inspiration to her but she wanted to make her own way. By this time technology had caught up to her vision and she was now able to capture photographs in a way that started to turn heads. Her raw honest style became popular within the fashion community, leading to features in iconic publications such as Vogue and photographing with Harrods in London (magazine advertorial). 

She started to dedicate more of her time to her great love - photography. It was at this time that Breznanikova started to learn about blockchain technology and became enthusiastic about its potential. 

Life, as we know, has a way of sweeping the rug out from underneath us. And at a point where life was making sense, personal tragedy and loss struck. Although a highly emotional period in her life, through the creation of photography / art she was able to find some catharsis.

From this darkness rose a beautiful serendipitous synthesis. The rise of NFTs / Art / digital collectibles. Within this new age of creation Breznanikova recognised the culmination of her great passions of creativity, psychology and blockchain technology / Web3. She now had an outlet to display her creative flair, her insight into the human mind and the raw emotions that come from within her.

Breznanikova had found her true calling, and took up arms to join the art and web3 revolution full-time. The hours and days merged into one, as she worked tirelessly to become an established cryptoartist. Running on pure passion. She was invited to join exclusive digital art platforms including MakersPlace, KnownOrigin and more recently curated art platform Nifty Gateway.

Whilst working to better herself as an artist, Breznanikova also dreams of growing the space by helping other artists to develop as well as providing more and more benefits for her collectors. Through initiatives like reward gamification, she is changing the way that artists interact with their collectors and innovating utility within the web3 / NFT space. She shows her collectors her appreciation through airdrops and token claims (check out her Discord for more).

Breznanikova has dedicated herself to being a multi-disciplinary Artist and despite being years in the making, the journey has only just begun. Her aim is to grow her existing and future art collections, exhibit in art galleries / exhibitions and to make a real impact by bringing positive exposure to art / digital collectibles, charitable causes and continuing to support emerging artists with her art fund

Wild Flowers - upcoming Featured Calendar Drop on OpenSea (drop date TBC)

Zuzana Breznanikova Art OG collection on OpenSea 


Twitter: @breznanikova
For exhibitions, art galleries and 1/1 commissions, email: commissions@breznanikova.photography (genuine enquiries only)

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