Zuzana Breznanikova


Breznanikova Diamond Art Club

Exclusive Club to the Elite

Membership benefits and privileges 

The Breznanikova Diamond Art Club (BRDAC) is an exclusive art collectors club for premium collectors. It grants access to members-only benefits 

Membership in the club provides a number of benefits and privileges including:

  • Welcome airdrop from artist's featured art collection 
  • Quarterly airdrops 
  • Access to the Diamond Lounge (private invitation only channel on Discord). 
  • Early access to drops at special collectors rates (with ability to reserve edition and collect when gas lower)
  • Signed digital artworks by the artist that can be exhibited available on request
  • Exclusive  Diamond member rewards / pieces from a new collection (pay gas only)
  • Exclusive airdrop for Diamond members on Coinbase (her first drop on Coinbase once available to all creators)
  • Access to chat to the artist directly via DMs 
  • Meet and greet over the phone available 
  • Up to 12 hours of stress management and wellbeing coaching (the first of its kind as NFT utility) - virtual
  • Opportunity to have a photography coaching session with Breznanikova who is a Vogue published photographer as well as a digital artist

Our Vision & Future Plans for BRDAC as the collection grows

By joining the Breznanikova Diamond Art Club, you become a part of the artist's journey and success. You become part of her metaverse. Your input will be valued and the club will be continually striving to develop and add new privileges and benefits as the value of the collection goes up. 

NFT art has utility in it’s own right but we recognise that collectors want IRL benefits too. Our vision is to become the most exclusive NFT art club in the metaverse with IRL benefits that 10k NFT avatar projects would not be able to add, such as 12 hours with a wellbeing coach, a one night stay at one of Europe's most exclusive resort with a sailing yacht trip in the Adriatic coast or a Bond style luxury speedboat trip to UNESCO World Heritage site in the Adriatic Coast. 

Potentially even meeting Zuzana or our Talent ambassadors such as professional athletes, as well as the opportunity to be photographed by Zuzana herself in the future or be in the background of talent or fashion shoots*.

(In Italic these are some of our future plans for longer-standing Diamond members who are active collectors).

All club members receive a welcome Diamond club NFT airdrop from the featured art collection.

First Diamond members received "Alterity" 11/11 from the featured collection as welcome NFT airdrop. There is new piece now for new members (see below)

Club Announcement: Excited to announce that footballer Jay Bothroyd is now Diamond club member

"Autumnal Mood" - new Diamond welcome airdrop

How can I get into the club?

There is a point based entry system to get into the club as not all artworks / editions have the same value. You will need to collect at least 16 points to get into the club.

Holders of featured collection - Zuzana Breznanikova Art on OpenSea will receive the following points:

  • 1/1 - 8 points
  • 2/2 - 4 points
  • 3/3 - 3 points
  • 5/5 - 2 points
  • 7/7 - 1.5 points
  • 8/8 - 11/11 - 1 point
  • 15+ edition - 0.5 point

Extra point will be awarded to holders of long-term utility piece "Seductive Energy"

Holders of Gurlz Go Wildd and Next Gen AI Art on OpenSea receive half a point for each artwork they hold.

Few points will also be awarded for artwork collected on KnownOrigin and MakersPlace.

The reason why the featured collection receives more points is because of higher value - the highest sale for 1/1 artwork in the featured collection was 8.888 ETH 

DM on Twitter @Breznanikova or Discord to enquire about the membership

Featured NFT collection on OpenSea - Zuzana Breznanikova Art

370+ ETH volume mostly in secondary sales



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