Zuzana Breznanikova

Gurlz Go Wildd®

Limited Collection of Rare NFT Art on OpenSea

Gurlz Go Wildd is a limited collection of 333 rare artworks by Zuzana Breznanikova. Each piece will be truly unique and enchanting! This collection is inspired by nature, which is where the 'WILD' elements originate from.

No more than 333 GURLZ GO WILDD will ever be brought into existence and each piece is hand crafted one at a time by Vogue published image maker Zuzana Breznanikova

333 - Angel number

Twitter: @breznanikova

Become part of BRDAC - Breznanikova Diamond Art Club see the collector's club privileges 

Patrons of Gurlz Go Wildd

Collectors that collect(ed) 8 pieces from the 'Gurlz Go Wildd' collection in the primary market gained 'Patron of Gurlz Go Wildd' status which entitled them to Patron collectors rewards:

  • A free NFT edition (DM on Twitter to request one) on OpenSea - currently "Contemplation" (subject to availability)
  • Double rewards

You can still gain and hold Patron of Gurlz Go Wildd status by collecting and holding 8 Gurlz Go Wildd. 

Patron Rewards and Raffles for Gurlz Go Wildd holders

This bohemian inspired digital painting was made to express my gratitude to Patrons of the Gurlz Go Wildd collection - those that have collect(ed) and held 8+ Gurlz Go Wildd.

The remaining editions of the artwork will also be used for raffles for all Gurlz Go Wildd holders to win as a gift NFT. 

Patrons are also included in raffles - any randomly selected Gurlz Go Wildd holder can win as long as they have not sold or listed their Gurl below the last sales price.

To show thanks for the continuing support, there will be exclusive gifts and raffles for my patrons every time the collection increases in volume by 100 

"Contemplation" gift to Patrons

This piece from Zuzana's featured art collection on OpenSea was featured on OpenSea homepage. It was airdropped to those collectors that became Patrons of Gurlz Go Wildd. 

It is still available for new Patrons (is subject to availability - until run out)

"Contemplation" artwork on OpenSea. Planning to make this piece a utility piece with early access to some drops for token holders only

"Bohemian Girl" NFT airdrop for Patrons 

Raffles to win NFTs for all holders of Gurlz Go Wildd

Just added even more utility to Gurlz Go Wildd: Raffles to win NFTs for Gurlz Go Wildd holders. The more Gurlz you hold, the higher the odds of winning. Winners will be announced on Twitter and Discord. 

Zuzana Breznanikova Art Collection on OpenSea

Next Gen AI Art is a collection of curated generative art. There will be just 333 artworks in total in this collection 

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