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  1. The importance of lighting in photography

    The lighting is very important in photography especially in portraiture and fashion. A great portrait and fashion photographers knows how to use lighting to add interest to photos and create different moods. The right type of lighting can make subjects look great whereas the wrong type of lighting such as…

  2. Jordy Casteleijn: The Dutch Crusader

    JORDY CASTELEIJN is a model from Amsterdam who has appeared in photoshoots and commercials alongside big names like Adriana Lima and Antonio Banderas! He has worked with many brands including Coca-cola, Beck’s, Carlsberg, Desigual, Pegasus, Font Vella and Audi. Jordy is very charming (somewhere between Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio)…

  3. Laerke Simone: The Scandinavian Muse

    LAERKE SIMONE is a Danish fashion model who already appeared in Vogue Japan and with her Scandinavian fairy like look she quickly became a muse to so many fashion photographer including myself. She inspired my fashion editorial for Vogue Italia - and we got 15 photos published from half…

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