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  1. Blog featuring extraordinary talent

    I like to interview extraordinary talent and started this blog as a platform for featuring such talent. I am not interested in interviewing just any celebrity but actors, artists, musicians and even models who are in some way ‘extraordinary’. I am very selective about the talent I choose to photograph…

  2. Victoria Kosenkova: The next Russian Supernova

    VICTORIA KOSENKOVA is a fashion model originally from Russia. Is Victoria the next Russian ‘supernova’ after fashion model Natalia Vodianova? She was listed as Top Newcomer from S/S 16 by models.com.  She made her debut on the runway as a Burberry exclusive! She made a buzz in what was her…

  3. Jordy Casteleijn: The Dutch Crusader

    JORDY CASTELEIJN is a model from Amsterdam who has appeared in photoshoots and commercials alongside big names like Adriana Lima and Antonio Banderas! He has worked with many brands including Coca-cola, Beck’s, Carlsberg, Desigual, Pegasus, Font Vella and Audi. Jordy is very charming (somewhere between Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio)…

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