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I like to interview extraordinary talent and started this blog as a platform for featuring such talent. I am not interested in interviewing just any celebrity but actors, artists, musicians and even models who are in some way ‘extraordinary’. I am very selective about the talent I choose to photograph and reality TV stars for example won’t make the cut. In this blog you can find talent that stands out from the rest in some way; there is something special about them. 

Portrait of Deano Bugatti by Photographer Zuzana Breznanikova

These are people who posses not only special talent but also motivation like Skye Quinn who besides her successful modelling career also studies Masters in Genetics at the University of London and wants to make a positive impact with her research and inspire other women. 

Portrait shoot of Skye Quinn by portrait photographer Zuzana Breznanikova - interview

These are people who are inspiring and should be the kind of talent that young people should look up to and find inspiration from - not the Kardashians (no offence). 

These are talented people who don’t apologise for dreaming big and work hard to make their dream a reality. These are people who face challenges head-on. I am always looking for the next special talent to feature - those with incredible potential and achievements and most likely a very bright future. I like to do portraiture of them and interview such talent and do find them inspiring myself. Because I get inspired I think other people might find them inspiring too and can learn from them. During the interview they are often asked to give advice to aspiring actors, talent or models which they might find helpful. 

I hope you find the interview interesting and learn something from this ‘extraordinary talent’. 

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