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  1. Flynn Allen: The Young Actor to watch

    Interview with Flynn Allen  FLYNN ALLEN is a young British actor to watch. At age 16 he has already 25 film credits under his belt while juggling school - that is what I call ‘extraordinary talent’. He recently starred alongside legends like Luke Goss in The Last Boy (2019) and…

  2. David Nutley: The Cool Side of Tough

    DAVID NUTLEY is a British model and actor with a lot of charisma and bit of a Brad Pitt thing going on. He was featured in the film Kingsglave - Final Fantasy XV and did a commercial for Moss Bros. As a model he has worked for big fashion clientele…

  3. Blog featuring extraordinary talent

    I like to interview extraordinary talent and started this blog as a platform for featuring such talent. I am not interested in interviewing just any celebrity but actors, artists, musicians and even models who are in some way ‘extraordinary’. I am very selective about the talent I choose to photograph…

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