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  1. David Nutley: The Cool Side of Tough

    DAVID NUTLEY is a British model and actor with a lot of charisma and bit of a Brad Pitt thing going on. He was featured in the film Kingsglave - Final Fantasy XV and did a commercial for Moss Bros. As a model he has worked for big fashion clientele…

  2. Blog featuring extraordinary talent

    I like to interview extraordinary talent and started this blog as a platform for featuring such talent. I am not interested in interviewing just any celebrity but actors, artists, musicians and even models who are in some way ‘extraordinary’. I am very selective about the talent I choose to photograph…

  3. Deano Bugatti: The Stairway to Stardom

    DEANO BUGATTI is an English actor. He is originally from Newcastle with Italian roots now based in East London and working as an actor. There is something about him; no one can explain what it is but there is something special. He already appeared in War Machine (2017) starring Brad…

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