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  1. Skye Quinn: The Incredible Genes

    SKYE QUINN is not your ‘typical’ model. In addition to her international modelling career, she is also a Masters student at UCL studying Genetics! Therefore she is not your usual scientist either. Could she be the world’s most beautiful researcher? With her delicate beauty and look of somewhere between Heidi…

  2. Hannah Judd: The Australian Babe

    HANNAH JUDD is a fashion model from Melbourne Australia. She enjoys travelling and loves animals. Hannah walked for the likes of Vivienne Westwood. We did a fashion shoot together few years back with three other models on the set and she was definitely the star of the shoot. Hannah has…

  3. Tommie Fourie: Rebel with a Heart

    TOMMIE FOURIE is a fashion model from South Africa who was named by GQ magazine as one of the top new faces in South Africa! However that is not the main reason I wanted to interview him. We met on a shoot in London and besides being extremely photogenic and…

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